Care Collaborate Connect: Workplace Wellbeing

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Healthy Workplaces

Enhance Performance & Wellbeing
Reduce Costs
Increase Organisational Success

Traditionally, workplace wellbeing programs focused on
 motivational speakers, token ‘mental health’, or suicide awareness training.

Successful organisations appreciate that health and wellbeing comprise healthy work environments
that take a whole-of-organisation perspective to ensure a healthy work environment. As well as
preventing the estimated annual $2,100 per employee in lost productivity caused by mental illness,
healthy workplaces meet their corporate responsibilities and have enormous social impacts for their

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Care Collaborate Connect: Workplace Wellbeing

🗸 focuses on the promotion of health and wellbeing
🗸 based on cutting-edge science
🗸 multimodal learning strategies to get the best training outcomes and        reduce costs
🗸 includes evaluation tailored to your organisational needs
ü teaches managers how to support staff who are upset.
ü encourages early help-seeking before problems escalate.

Workplace Wellbeing components are tailored to the needs of your organisation

1. Pulse survey to monitor change

2. Leading a healthy organisation

    🗸 Create a work environment that helps prevent mental illness.
    🗸 Learn about the wellbeing components of healthy organisations                that are more than just the absence of psychiatric illness in                          employees.

        An experienced Clinical Psychologist facilitator will deliver this two-            hour workshop for Human Resource personnel and organisational            leaders. It will help you identify and set goals to improve wellbeing            in your company.

3. Psychological First Aid online training for all employees
    🗸 Helps staff know what to do maintain their own health and                          wellbeing
    🗸 Know how to support family, friends and colleagues when they’re              upset to prevent the onsent of mental illness
    🗸 Contributes to a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected            and supported.

4. Managing with care

    Two hour workshop teaching managers how to support staff who are      upset.

5. Monitor the experience of staff using your Employee Assistance program to ensure you are getting value for money. 


Care · Collaborate · Connect Workplace Wellbeing normalises distress and coping.  It teaches you how to support other people, without needing to diagnose them with mental illnesses.  It helps you create a coping environment around you where people are cared about, supported, and connected with professional help, if needed.

Care Collaborate Connect is an important component of any workplace wellbeing program. BUT not the only component.
Workplace Wellness involves:

  1. Monitoring workplace factors that affect staff wellbeing
  2. Ensure policies, procedures & practises support staff wellbeing
  3. Care Collaborate Connect: Phycological First Aid training for all employees to promote wellbeing & social connectedness
  4. Monitor quality of employee assistance programs ensure quality healthcare

Care Collaborate Connect can assist and consult on all aspects of wellbeing throughout the workplace.