Frequently Asked Questions


Care · Collaborate · Connect is the world’s-first approach to suicide prevention that focuses on the needs of the person being helped. Only by meeting the needs of people you are helping, can you actually be helpful, and prevent overwhelming distress, mental illness, and suicide.

Care · Collaborate · Connect normalises distress and coping.  It teaches you how to support other people, without assuming they have a mental illness or worse trying to diagnose them.  It helps you create a coping environment around you where people are cared about, supported, and connected with professional help if needed.

How is the training done?

Care · Collaborate · Connect training programs are self-directed online programs.  You have access to the program 24 hours a day, so you can complete them at your own pace and at times that suit you.

Care Collaborate Connect provides in-person workshops and consultancy services that support organisations fine-tune policies, procedures and practices to promote a culture of care and coping.


How long does my enrolment last?

You have access to your online course for six months from the date you enrol, so you can go back into it at any time during this period to fine-tune your knowledge and skills.

People who are accessing training through an organisation licence can access the training at any time during the licence period.


Is training accessible?

Our training aims to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0External Link at AA level. This is the web standard endorsed by the Australian Government.

We provide content in HTML format whenever possible. Some content is only available in Portable Document Format (PDF) at the moment. We know this can cause problems for some users.

Contact us if you need help with PDFs or you are having other accessibility issues with our site.

We continue to explore ways to improve the accessibility of our content. If you have feedback about a specific page you can use the ‘Provide feedback’ link at the bottom of that page.


Can I cancel my enrolment?

No refunds are provided after enrolment.


What browser should I use to access the training?


It is recommended you use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the program.  You may experience difficulties with some activities if you use Internet Explorer.

The following settings should be enabled: cookies, javascript, and pop-ups.

Internet speed

You will need a broadband connection of 512 kbps or faster to ensure smooth delivery of audio-visual content.

Resource viewing

Latest version of a PDF reader (e.g., Adobe Acrobat) and Word.doc reader.


I’m having technical problems.

Trouble logging in

The most common reasons people experience problems when attempting to login are:

  • Details are entered incorrectly.
  • Multiple accounts with different login details have been created and the incorrect one is being used
  • Access to the course has expired. Once registered, you will have 6 months access to your course after which it will be closed.

The videos aren’t playing

The most common reasons are:

  • The network firewall is blocking access to videos.
  • Bandwidth is inadequate to access the videos. Working from a location with better bandwidth is probably required to view videos.
  • Update your browser or use another browser

Other problems

If you experience other issues, please email us at


Can I be Care-endorsed?

We’d love you to be Care-endorsed to help consumers find quality services and organisations.

Review the criteria for Care endorsement on our website and contact us if you need any further information as


Should I do refresher training annually?

Yes. Just like other first aid training, it can be easy to forget vital steps to providing helpful support. Annual training enables you to brush up on your knowledge and skills so you continue providing quality care and support to others.


Can I copy materials?

All training materials are copyright by the University of South Australia and/or Care Collaborate Connect. Downloads provided during training are for personal use only and cannot be copied or reproduced or used for other purposes without permission.

All other training and website content cannot be copied or reproduced without permission.