Care Collaborate Connect Workshops: Support People Who Support Others.

Our workshops help workplaces, healthcare providers, and clubs, societies, and organisations promote care and wellbeing and prevent suicide. We equip them with the skills and knowledge to support those in need.


Workplace Wellbeing

A Culture of Care

Learn to support the health and wellbeing of people in the workplace through communication, care, and metrics.

Leading a Wellbeing Workplace

Learn to create strategy, policies and practices that enhances workplace health and wellbeing, productivity, and organisational success.

Coping Kids

This workshop helps parents and carers in your organisation raise children who are confident and competent. This reduces parenting stress.

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Professional development

Group supervison

Improve your team’s knowledge and skills to provide consumer-centred psychological care. These clinical care conferences cover care, assessment, and treatment.

Coping Kids training

This training equips your team with the knowledge and skills to help parents create a home environment that promotes healthy coping and prevents mental illness and suicide.

Public Lectures

Dr Stallman has more than two decades delivering academic and public lectures and keynote presentations on suicide prevention, parenting, health and wellbeing, and clinical psychology.

Care Collaborate Connect

Sporting clubs

Coaching Coping Kids

Learn how to support the wellbeing of junior and senior athletes to improve performance on and off the sporting field.

“Helen’s group supervision has been transformative for our organisation.  Her insightful guidance and unwavering support has fostered a learning environment of trust and growth. Through collaborative discussions, our team has gained valuable perspectives, skill refinement and enhanced confidence in delivering consumer-centred care.”