Continuum of Care

Our vision at Care Collaborate Connect is a Community of Care.

We envisage a future where parents and carers, teachers, and the community normalise unpleasant emotions and support healthy coping so children grow up with the skills they need to cope with the inevitable ups and downs of life.

We want people who need additional professional support to feel cared about, supported, and connected so that no one—ever—feels they have to use unhealthy coping strategies, including suicidality, for overwhelming psychological distress.

You’re part of the solution!

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Early supporters

Hospital Research Foundation

In 2018, the Hospital Research Foundation awarded Dr Stallman a 3-year Fellowship that showed how Care Collaborate Connect could help reduce distress for people in hospital for cardiac problems and help their recovery.

Healthy Development Adelaide

The Women’s Excellence in Research award for Dr Stallman’s work in developmental health recognised the role of Collaborate Connect in preventing mental illness and suicide in children and adolescents.

CSIRO On Prime

In 2019, CSIRO recognised the commercial potential and invited the team to participate in the On Prime—a pre-accelerator, designed to help research teams take their ideas to the next level.

Let’s work together to make you part of the continuum of care.