First Aid

Care Collaborate Connect:
Psychological First Aid

Self-directed Online Training

Cost – $66 (incl GST)
Duration – 1 Hour


Care · Collaborate · Connect Psychological First Aid is a self-directed online training program.  It equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to support people who are distressed, including people with suicidal thoughts.

This online course comprises four modules:
•    Self-care
•    Attending to distress
•    Coping planning
•    Problem-solving


How does it differ from mental health first aid courses?

Care · Collaborate · Connect Psychological First Aid normalises distress and coping.  It teaches you how to support other people, without needing to diagnose them with mental illnesses.  It helps you create a coping environment around you where people are cared about, supported, and connected with professional help, if needed.