My Coping Plan App

Healthy coping using your mobile device

The My Coping Plan app is a free tool for anyone wanting to improve how they respond to unpleasant emotions—distress, worries, sadness, frustration.

The app steps you through how to plan to use healthy coping strategies and is a reminder to use your plan when you’re upset. The app also has ideas on how to stay healthy to make it less likely that you will be overwhelmed by emotions.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is My Coping Plan for?

Everyone—we all experience unpleasant emotions. We all want them to go away. We all cope.

How do I use the app?

When you’re upset, open the app to remind yourself to use your healthy coping strategies before resorting to unhealthy strategies.

Is the app effective?

Yes—in a clinical trial, people who used the My Coping Plan app had better wellbeing and less distress one month after using the app than people who didn’t.

Can I use the app when I’m offline?

Yes – but you need an internet connection to download the app initially.

What information does the app collect about me?

All data is stored on your device and no information is shared with the developers.

How often will the app be updated?

The app content is maintained by USC and will be updated periodically. The app will automatically download any new or updated content each time it is restarted. To disable this feature deselect the ‘Auto update content’ option in the app menu.

How can I provide feedback on the app?

You can provide feedback and suggestions for the app by emailing us and/or rating the app on the Apple or Google Play store.