Training to Suit all Needs

Care · Collaborate · Connect training is provided through self-paced, evidence-based online programs. Each training program comprises a number of modules that are completed sequentially.  In-built assessments are at the end of each module and the end of training.  

Care · Collaborate · Connect:
Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention provides health professionals and students in health-related disciplines with the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and confidence to work with people who are distressed, including those who have thoughts of suicide.

Care · Collaborate · Connect:
Psychological First Aid

Psychological First Aid teaches you the skills to support people in your life when they’re upset—family, friends, colleagues, and strangers.

Care · Collaborate · Connect:
Perinatal Wellbeing

Perinatal Wellbeing gives health professionals and students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to support the wellbeing of women, and their families, during pregnancy and after the birth of their children.

Care · Collaborate · Connect:
Coping Schools

Coping Schools provides training and resources for schools to create and maintain a whole-of-school culture of coping.

Care · Collaborate · Connect:
Student Success

Student Success is a free program that gives students strategies to be successful at university, on placement and as future professionals. Particularly suitable for first year students. Topics covered: Self-care, Self-management, and Problem-solving.
Duration: 1 hour 

Care · Collaborate · Connect: Journalism

Journalism is a free program that gives journalism students and professionals with the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and confidence to report news stories that involve suicide in a way that minimises stigma and the risk of suicide contagion. Topics covered: Self-care, Talking about suicide, Reporting suicide, and Self-Management.
Duration: 2 hours

Group discounts are available for organisational licences for the suicide prevention and psychological first aid programs. Contact to discuss your needs


Workshops can be tailored to your organisation’s needs and range from an introduction to the Coping Planning approach to suicide prevention through to implementing a service-wide strengths- and person-focused approach to suicide prevention.

We can also evaluate or help you develop metrics to evaluate the impact of training in addressing your organisation’s needs.