Health Services


Care · Collaborate · Connect provides a framework for supporting people who are upset.

It helps clinicians stay focused on why the person is asking for help and supporting them rather than on managing them. 

The world’s first person- and needs approach, Care · Collaborate · Connect results in clinicians who are confident and clients and patients who have their needs met when they ask for help.


IMPLEMENTING Care · Collaborate · Connect in a health service

A service that is client-focused:

– has policies and procedures that are needs- and strengths-focused.

– has administration staff who have contact with clients trained in Care · Collaborate · Connect: Psychological First Aid so they are able to respond with care in every contact with clients.

– has all clinical staff trained in Care · Collaborate · Connect: Suicide Prevention to enable them to appropriately support all clients who ask for help, collaboratively assess for needs for additional support, and connect clients with additional supports, as needed.

– uses person-centred and strengths-focused
language consistently in written and verbal communication.

 evaluates the extent to which clients felt respected and supported and that their needs were met by the service.



Care · Collaborate · Connect: Suicide Prevention 
Duration: 8-10 hours
Cost: $154 (GST inclusive) 

Care · Collaborate · Connect: Psychological First Aid
Duration: 1-2 hours
Cost: $66 (GST inclusive) 

Group discounts are available for organisational licences. Email to discuss your training needs.