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HEALTHcare providers

Healthcare providers are the buffer between overwhelming distress and unhealthy coping, including suicidality. To prevent suicide, Care Collaborate Connect gives you the knowledge and skills to support without doing harm.

Healthcare Providers Solution Package

Backed by science

The latest research in psychology, neuroscience and health underpins Care Collaborate Connect programs and services.

Importantly, they reflect what consumers say they need.

What do people think of the training?

“This program has been the most empowering suicide prevention training I’ve completed. Thank you.”

“The Care Collaborate Connect suicide prevention program is changing the way we respond to students in distress, ensuring our focus is consumer-centred and evidence-based. It’s led to a rethink of our approach and we’ll offer better support as a result.”

“This training has prepared me well and made me more confident to support people who have suicidal thoughts. I also learnt more about self-care.”


Care endorsement

The Care endorsement logo lets the community know you prioritise consumer-centred care. It helps them locate quality healthcare.