Bereavement Resilience


4 hours of online self-directed learning


$77 (incl. GST)

CPD points

You can record your learning time as a professional development activity.

Bereavement Resilience Training

This training equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to support people who are having problems with grief.

This online course comprises four modules:

  • Grief, bereavement, and stigma
  • Bereavement resilience interventions
  • Outcome measurement
  • Step-by-step treatment implementation

Pre-requisite: Care Collaborate Connect: Suicide Prevention


How does Care Collaborate Connect differ from treatment as usual?

Care Collaborate Connect is the world’s first approach that attends to the needs of the healthcare consumer.  Using a consumer-centred rather than clinician-centred approach ensures that no one is harmed after asking for help and no one dies by suicide.

Consumer-centred care results in consumer outcomes.

Care endorsement

The Care endorsement logo lets the community know you prioritise consumer-centred care. It helps them locate quality healthcare.

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