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A Culture of Care and Coping promotes wellbeing and prepares graduates to take those skills into their personal and professional lives to prevent deaths by suicide.

Culture of Wellbeing

A Culture of Care and Coping is the Care Collaborate Connect solution package for universities and colleges to support wellbeing and prevent mental illness and suicide.

Embedding training for staff and students from day 1 improves wellbeing and coping, ensures staff and students have support when things get challenging, and ensures graduates have the knowledge and skills to support others.

University and College Solution Package

Benefits of 1, 3, or 5-year licences

Backed by science

Care Collaborate Connect programs and services are underpinned by the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and health.

Importantly, they reflect what consumers said they need.

What do people think of the training?

“I absolutely loved this program. I’ve found this one of the most interesting and engaging aspects of my Bachelor of Social Work degree so far. I enjoyed working through it and forgot I was actually studying due to it being so interactive and providing such practical information that I can use in my future practice as a social worker. “

“The Care Collaborate Connect suicide prevention program is changing the way we respond to students in distress, ensuring our focus is consumer-centred and evidence-based. It’s led to a rethink of our approach and we’ll offer better support as a result.”

“This is a very positive and excellent way of teaching such as distressing subject. I thoroughly enjoyed this training and felt really engaged. I think the approach of modules is perfect as it breaks the subject matter down. This makes learning less overwhelming.”


Care endorsement

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