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The Care Collaborate Connect Professional development library is a growing collection of short videos and practice resources to help healthcare professionals who do psychotherapy refine their knowledge and skills.

Your team has unlimited, free access to this library while they are doing our Group Supervision package.


Video topics


  • Why do people die by suicide?
  • The Myth of Mental Health
  • Trauma-informed healthcare


  • Creating a continuum of care


  • What do I say/do when…?
  • Understanding developmental competencies
  • Conceptualising and treating harmful coping behaviours
  • Assessing outcomes


  • Structuring a psychotherapy session for results
  • Mood and coping review
  • Teaching self-soothing strategies
  • Problem-solving therapy
  • Using emotions in psychotherapy
  • Self-disclosure

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“Such a great resource. It’s a huge benefit to our team.”

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