Health professionals

The paradigm shift from clinician centred to person/patient centred approach was very empowering.

This training has been fantastic. It has been easy to follow, very relevant to my work setting and provided good, practical tools I can use in my practice with clients.

Thank you for the opportunity to complete this program. It has been the most empowering suicide-prevention professional development I have completed.

I just wanted to congratulate you on coming up with a very useful and simple method of early intervention in individuals with suicidal ideation.

I very much enjoyed this course. It’s great to see a coping based program developed rather than risk based. As a psychologist, I’ve always felt SCARED about the risk assessment bit of caring for people but coping based makes it just so much more natural and what clients are actually wanting – not about me protecting myself ethically! 

Great approach and looking forward to it being adopted as the national standard (hopefully!)

Great client focused idea – have had to use the old way for years due to organisational constraints and have not found it beneficial for the client or myself.

The Care Collaborate Connect suicide prevention program is changing the way we respond to students in distress, ensuring our focus is client centred and evidence based.  It has led to a re-think of our approach and we will offer better support to our students as a result.

I am always struck by this approach and how much it increases my confidence in dealing with suicidality, which I think is one of the greatest strengths.           

Overall, I enjoyed the different mediums for learning and feel better equipped to approach the topic of suicide.  

This training helped change my misconceptions and assumptions about suicide. It gave me another perspective and new way to work with people with suicidality.

This training has prepared me well and made me more confident to deal with people and potentially clients who have suicidal thoughts and also helping them to cope. I also learnt more about self-care.

This training helped me to improve my knowledge about coping strategies and how to work with people with suicidality.

I found the training very well structured and I completely agree with the approach.

What a great course!

I wish I had completed this training years ago.

Excellent training program and I will be recommending it to my staff.

students in health disciplines

I have absolutely loved your program. I have found this one of the most interesting and engaging aspects of the Bachelor of Social Work so far. I enjoyed working through it and forgot that I was actually studying whilst completing it due to it being so interactive and providing such practical information that will be able to be applied to my future practice as a social worker. 

The model has provided a useful framework for understanding suicidality, and how to ask about it in practice. I like being able to help clients understand why they experience suicidal thoughts in times of distress, as well to help them identify healthy coping strategies they can use when distressed. In doing this, the main focus of the intervention is on the client’s strengths, and whether they need some additional help coping, rather than on whether they are a ‘risk’ to themselves.

All the examples were great. The content was extremely insightful and gave me a completely new perspective on understanding and helping those with suicidality.

I think this training is a great use of an assessment for this course.  I feel confident in my abilities now, even just for attending to distress in every day use.

This is a very positive and excellent way of teaching such a distressing subject.  I thoroughly enjoyed this training and felt really engaged.  I think the approach of modules is perfect as it breaks the subject matter down.  This makes learning less overwhelming.

I thought this was a good form of assessment and interactive learning which I responded well with…especially having questions to check my learning frequently.

The training was good for me to understand more about coping strategies and suicide.

The training was very informative and well organised. 

Very comprehensive for an online course.

I enjoyed the different mediums for learning and fee better equipped to approach the topic of suicide.

This training was great, very easy to use, interesting and user friendly.